Incredible Safaris (Tanzania) Limited (ISTL) is an independent Tanzanian safari company, which has been created by the strong inspiration and dedication of Cyd Patel, a Tanzanian by birth, but a UK resident, based in Bristol, England. For over three years, he has been coming regularly to Tanzania, bringing clients for safari, whilst gaining valuable marketing knowledge and safari experience. During this period he made excellent contacts with hotel groups, transport owners and airline representatives. The result of his efforts resulted in the launch of a very young company, ISTL, with an experienced office staff and very knowledgeable safari crew. We can boast that our drivers have on average 15 years experience and are trained guides. They all speak fluent English and some speak a variety of European languages. Our company comprises individuals who were previously running one to three man band operations, but who have decided to put their finance, transport and expertise into one operative company, ISTL.

We use an extensive feedback comments system to ensure that all clients on our organised tours complete the feedback form on completion of their safari. The information gathered helps us to improve our service on a continual and on-going basis.

Our constantly evolving web site content is carefully and adequately prepared in simple language to ensure that before your tour you are sufficiently organised, in every respect, to visit Tanzania. Contrary to the common belief that facilities on your safari will be very basic, you will be amazed to see through our web photos, the up-to-date and modern accommodation available to you.

Our parent company, CP Properties & Promotions Ltd (CPPPL), based in the UK, will collect all the information from prospective clients and arrange itineraries and related prices with ISTL in Tanzania. CPPPL arranges holidays in India and Egypt as well. Visit website for further information.

In Egypt we have a standard itinerary of 3 nights in Cairo and 6 nights on a Nile cruise.

In India our sister company, Wonder India Holidays, organises tours all over India, with the main office in Delhi and subsidiary offices in Mumbai, Goa and Cochin.

For both India and Egypt holidays visit the CPPPL website and contact us through this website.

We now await your call for us to show you our amazing Tanzania and all that she can offer.

Anaeli Raphaeli Ukio
Director of Incredible Safaris (Tanzania) Limited